Chakra Cleansing


Self-Actualize Your Life! Duration: 1hr 16min

I also recommend to have a Red Jasper, Hematite, Apache Tear, or any similar color crystal associated with the Root Chakra. If you don’t have one, I can mail you a Chakra Set for a discounted price when downloading this classes. Just contact me at

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Sound Healing

Available immediately in your Inbox!
Video Download: $15.00 $11.95
Audio Download: $10.00 $7.95
What is Sound Therapy?
Your physical body can be cleared, balanced and nourished…

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Online Shamanic Workshop

This 5 part workshop is both, for Healers and for people wanting to advance in their spiritual path in a powerful and transformational way.

This workshop is perfect to be taken on its own and/or as a complement to any of the in person workshops in order to deepen your practice.

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